Lerning to Let go Reset and go forth

Ending a relation ship is never easy, after  learning a lot of things about someone I loved, and  who will always have a very special place in my hart, At the right time moment and place,  I knew  we were´t going to work out. It hurts a lot of course is not easy, but as it is said time heels everything  and it does. Sometimes I wish  we where together but there´s  a part of me that cannot even  imagine that happening and I will only remember something nice and leave it there nice and quiet in my memories in my hart,  since I got out of a  non healthy relation ship, i must say im more tranquil and yes happy it helped me realize a lot of thing that I was letting go and that  I love, it´s a shame that i don’t have someone  to shear some experiences, which makes me thankful for the ones that I had, its a weird feeling because I don’t need to be crying, or getting mad and feeling anxious, its just like  a caterpillar that was getting ready to become a butterfly  and its learning to fly and not to be afraid of anything. I do not go to the places where we went, I don´t just accidentally meet up with him , I don’t feel the need to write to him , even worst I start to eat differently as when I was with him. Today I went to a coffee shop where we often went, it was totally weird…  It was like if when I was with him I had some special glasses  and everything was  espectacular, but now glasses are off and its is no so espectacular as what I though, its like having new perspective of old things, sometimes while  I wake up  and remember him, but I just say to my self let go  now he has his energy back and I have my he`ll do great in life and I will do great in life too, then I go back to sleep….. Learning to let go.